Dreams Really Do Come True

Front Cover

So, why a blog? Well, because after a lot of hard work and relentlessly following a crazy dream, my first novel is debuting in just a few short months! That’s right. I am a finally a real, honest to God author.

It seems to me that the reality of a fulfilled dream isn’t always quite what I envisioned from the fluffy, hot-air-balloon view of my imagination. So I’ll share the adventures of living MY dream with you here. It’s been a long time coming, and to be honest, I’ve almost given up more times hot air balloonthan I can count. I’m incredibly thankful for my amazing husband and children for believing in me even when I stopped believing in myself. And for giving me the opportunity to make my dream become reality.

I will also share some of the random historical trivia that I dug up for my book. I find this stuff incredibly fascinating. Maybe a few of you will too. I can still dream, cant I?


One thought on “Dreams Really Do Come True

  1. I am so very excited for your first book to come out in July!!! I for sure am going to want to buy a signed copy!!! I am proud of you for sticking with it. I am also very glad that you had 4 amazing men in your husband and 3 sons to have your back and support and encourage you along the way!!! I can NOT wait to read Season of Forgiveness. I really like the cover for the book.

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